Reliability, punctuality and the right answers to the dynamic everyday routine of shipping have been the fundament of Möller & Böttger´s success. These values have been crucial element of the daily work as a ship supplier throughout the last four decades.After a complete alteration of all sections during the last years we dispose a highly modern data processing that inculdes all our services today. As a ONE-STOP SUPPLIER for all requirements of ship supply, our team of about 40 employees is giving all of their passion and knowledge into the supply of vessels and their crew.

Moreover, we strongly belive that velocity and the focus on individual and high-quality service is – and has been for over 40 years – indispensable for our work. The knowledge of your very needs and requirements empowers us to focus on processing your requests fast and successfully. For that we give you our word, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.