Stores Equipment

Möller & Böttger is immediately capable of providing most of the common products due to our company-owned large storage areas. In additon to that, our supplier network enables us to purchase all other products within 24 hours. We are specialized in ensuring availability of all levels of trade on short notice. It is our aim to be as flexible as needed in order to respond to every kind of request, to serve any B2B system fast, taking into account any current challenges, such as Solas, regulations for dangerous goods, IHM documets, HS codes as well as any other claim of our clients.

We bring on board the right balance of price and service. Be it the smallest screw or the high-end spare part – we pay them all the same thorough attention.

Our database links us with our suppliers and enables us to access prices and availability of over 100.000 products within seconds. IMPA- and ISSA-based requests can be processed and offered in a matter of minutes – regardless of the amount of products inquired. At Möller & Bötger it’s the client who decides whether the offer comes as PDF, Excel, direct transmission into your B2B system, via interface or telephone. It’s your call!


Jovan Jovanovic

Head of Stores Equipment Department