Our main focuss is based on quality and velocity. It´s clear that a vessel cannot leave the port without sufficient provisions, thus we implemented logistcs capable of reacting to any kind of change in schedule or circumstances at the terminal.

Möller & Böttger can process even the largest orders within hours. Top-notch freshness and quality of the products are our frst priority, which we ensure by constant controls of our purchasing department and a mixture of imported and regional goods. Due to these features we are in a positon to deliver also to the ARA range or to ports in the Mediterranean without risking our high quality standards. Our product range takes account of the preferences and partcularites of the different natonalites and religions on board.

Halal products as well as Indian, Turkish, Russian, and Philippine specialtes are available at all times. Furthermore, our large warehouse including cold store ensures the safe storage of german meat and fish alongside pastries, vegetables, fruits, dairy goods and eggs.

We work according to HACCP standards regarding veterinary and customs regulatons. Embedding all existent processes of controlling in our ERP system, plus our direct contacts to public authorites help us to keep up our high-quality standards.


Kay Güsmer

Head of Provisions Department