Code of Conduct


Möller & Böttger has the obligation and the self-image to act responsibly and lawfully. In particular, all those involved in the procurement process as intermediaries between their own company and the providers in the respective procurement markets have a responsibility towards their own company, customers and suppliers, as well as the environment and society. The actions of Möller & Böttger and their employees are based in particular on the values of integrity and fairness. The Code of Conduct is a voluntary code that reflects our interest in fair, sustainable, is intended to emphasize responsible ethical principles and applies to Möller & Böttger, our corporate management and all of ours Employees and serves as the basis for all business relationships in our company. This code was prepared based on the recognized standards such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) of the United Nations or the International Labor Organization (ILO). The following principles are based on these standards. Special rules with regard to laws, statutes, company agreements, internal rules (procedural instructions, security and quality regulations, in particular), etc. remain unaffected. These regulations are not static but based on changing social conditions will be amended continually.


The dealing with our business partners must be characterized by fairness and honesty. We expect all employees and business partners to deal with one another in a fair manner, respect mutual rights, and privacy. Möller & Böttger GmbH maintains long-term customer business relationships, characterized through a sustainable collaboration. As a globally active enterprise we approach our customers, employees, and business partners in a fair and honest manner, as well as with understanding and tolerance. This results in a fair and respectful treatment of the customers and other external persons, who conduct business with the company.


We commit ourselves to the protection and strengthening of human rights in compliance with the international rights. The Möller & Böttger GmbH views, i.a., the following rights as fundamental and universal: Protection against any form of discrimination, be it on basis of race, belief, skin color, nationality, ethnic origin, age, religion, sex, sex transformation, sexual orientation, family status, affiliation to a national minority, disability, or any other status; protection from any form of arbitrary detention, murder or torture; freedom of peaceful assembly and association; freedom of thought, conscience and religion, as well as freedom of opinion and expression.We do not tolerate forced labor (slavery) and reject child labor. The rights of adolescent employees must be protected.


Möller & Böttger guarantees occupational health and safety in the workplace Framework of national regulations. The company supports constant further development to improve the working environment. The company respects the right to freedom of association of its employees within the scope of each applicable rights and laws. Möller & Böttger is committed to the goal of environmental protection for the current and future generation. Enacted Laws to protect the environment must be observed. The company supports environmentally conscious behavior of its employees. Möller & Böttger is under constant obligation to observe the objective of protecting the natural resources for the present and future generations. It is our goal to deploy energy and natural resources efficiently, avoid pollution of environment, and foster ecological awareness of employees, in order to minimize harmful influences.


It is our desire to develop and maintain long-lasting, trustworthy and mutually respectful business relationships with our customers and partners. Möller & Böttger GmbH is committed, without limitation, to competition using fair means, and is expecting the same from its business partners. Anti-competitive practices, such as the price rigging with competitors, collusions with respect to production outputs, sales, tender processes, resale pricing or market splitting, as well as the abuse of the market-leader position are prohibited.


The company’s management has assumed a role model function for its employees and has committed itself to a responsible management. The Möller & Böttger GmbH is strictly against corruption and bribery and clearly distance themselves from such. A free and fair competition is the foundation of economic trade. All business transactions are processed in an honest and ethical manner. Corruption is understood as abuse of a position of trust, with the goal of attaining a material or immaterial advantage to which no legal claim exists. With respect to cross-border corruption we adhere to the OECD Convention which came into effect in 1999 and which presents the Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions. In addition, the Möller & Böttger GmbH comply with the United Nations’ Convention against Corruption as of October 31, 2003.